Dr Issa Fathima Jasmine. M

Dr. Issa Fathima Jasmine, an Orthodontist by profession had developed a keen interest in public service at a very early age, as a result of her parent’s influence on her life. Seeing rampant food wastage in our households, she started the concept of ‘Ayyamittu Unn’ which addresses food wastage and hunger problem, prevailing in the society.

With hunger and malnutrition making a permanent place in our economy through the latter seems to be growing, she works incessantly to help in the redistribution of excess food to the needy. She works with manufacturers, distributors, retailers, hotels, wedding hall owners and corporate companies to gather food before it goes to waste.

Dr. Issa Fathima has been taking the lead to be a community organiser for this social cause as she is extremely passionate about the issue of any kind of wastage, especially food and has been quite successful in her efforts.