About us

The Public Foundation is a not-for-profit distribution enterprise that serves the community by re-distributing excess food with its signature project called “Ayyamittu Unn” by installing fridges in public. Beside the fridge, there is a “Charity counter” where you can help your neighbours and communities by donating your gently used clothes, shoes, toys, vessels and books.

In layman terms, we at the Public Foundation are a bunch of enthusiastic commoners who believe it’s time to give back to our society and it starts NOW by providing a Common Man with his basic need – FOOD.

As food wastage is assuming serious dimensions, its proper and ethical management has become our utmost priority. Sharing food with the hungry is the simple wisdom of Ayyamittu Unn and the guiding philosophy of such an effort is to create awareness and zero tolerance towards food wastage.

Our Community Fridge is a first of its kind in Chennai and we earnestly strive to embark on this food revolution, one fridge at a time. These fridges are open to individuals, restaurants, food contractors and anyone with a benevolent heart who can keep excess edible food in the fridge so as to satiate the hunger pangs of any needy.

Be it surplus edible food or your gently used clothes, vessels, shoes or books – before you toss those items in the garbage, consider saving the planet, and helping out those in need, by donating the items.

While you mightn’t want or need them, there is a family somewhere who would love to take them on.