About Us

Welcome to The Public Foundation

The Public Foundation is a not - for - profit organisation that’s instituted for the purpose of creating a hunger - free society while also tackling the rampant food wastage prevalent in our societies with clear disregard to the deprived who struggle every single day for just a handful of food. The foundation has been making all possible efforts to ensure effective channelizing of these resources so that they may reach the right hands at the right time.

Ayyamittu Unn - It's a novel food bank to share surplus food to the needy!

Ayyamittu Unn is a pet project of The Public Foundation, in which community fridges are installed at prominent places across various parts of the city. These fridges are open to anyone - individuals, restaurants, corporates, who would like to leave their surplus but good foods for use by the needy. The fridge also houses a charity counter in tandem, where people can share their gently used clothes, stationaries, toys that can be taken by the needy.


Our mission is to create awareness about effective food management among people and encourage sharing of food for creating a hunger - free society.


Our vision is to create a food revolution in the society, one fridge at a time.

Support us and be a part of the food revolution.

Why Ayyamittu Unn?

India is one of the largest producers of rice and wheat globally. Ironically, one out of every third malnourished child in the world is from India and over 194 million Indians remain hungry every day. The gap lies in the mismanagement of the food resources - about 67 million tonnes of food, enough to feed the entire state of Bihar, is wasted in India annually. Our project, Ayyamittu Unn is the outcome of a conscious effort to minimise this rampant food wastage and the care to feed the starved.


With six community fridges in Chennai and one in Bangalore so far, we have been able to rescue about 80 lakhs worth of perishable food and 1 crore of other food items that would have otherwise been trashed. We actively feed about 120 - 150 hungry people every day per fridge. We have also collected about 2081 kg of toys, books, 1963 pairs of shoes and 22864 kg of clothes and channelized these to the right hands. With Ayyamittu Unn, we have embarked on a journey of creating a food revolution in the society, and yes, we have been achieving it, one fridge at a time.

The secret of living is giving


Dr Issa Fathima Jasmine. M

The Public Foundation was founded by Dr. Issa Fathima Jasmine, a Chennai - based Orthodontist. Dr. Issa began her charity endeavours when she was as early as 18, when she organized cloth recycling drives in her college. Today, she’s working on a more basic problem of the mankind - food wastage and food shortage. She’s been striving relentlessly to tackle these issues with her Ayyamittu Unn community fridges and spared no efforts, working relentlessly talking to possibly everyone who could have something to give to or take away from the fridge.