The Public Foundation has installed community fridges by the name “AYYAMITTU UNN” which is full of food in a public place for the hungry. Beside the fridge, there is a Charity Counter to collect gently used extra clothes, footwear, vessels, books, toys and furniture.
Often there’s excess food in household fridge, untouched sometimes for days. Therefore, we urge you to give it away to the needy. We request the donors to pack the food in clean packets with the content mentioned on it.
Businesses, restaurants and the household are encouraged to leave edible food, which otherwise would be wasted.
You can help your neighbours and communities by donating your gently used clothes, shoes, toys, vessels and books.

Our big glass door fridge and the charity counter is located in Besant Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Alandur, IT Highway (OMR) and Bangalore.

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  1. Anyone is welcome to pick up the food, with no questions asked. Anybody who is hungry is eligible to grab the food. There is no need to show ID cards or prove you are hungry. Please come and joyfully take away whatever you want to eat, otherwise it’ll go to waste.
  2. You can also take away the clothes, shoes, vessels, toys, furniture from the Charity Counter right next to the fridge.
It’s open seven days a week, throughout the day from 7am to 9pm. We keep it closed in the night.
As many times as you are willing to.
As a general rule, we only accept items that are small and light enough for one person to easily lift and carry.
Sealed water bottles, Juices, Biscuits, Dry Snacks, Tinned & Canned food, Fresh fruits and vegetables, Baked goods, Cooked food from registered food businesses, Home cooked food only if it is neatly packed, Packaged food within the expiry date, Sandwiches (provided they are less than two days old and is labelled with the date and time it was made).
Registered food businesses are those who are registered with the local bodies and follow the necessary hygiene policies.
Raw meat, Raw seafood and Raw eggs, Opened milk or other packaged food, Half eaten food, Any food previously frozen, Any cooked food not from a registered food business, Alcohol, Food past it’s expiry date, Spoilt fruits and vegetables are not acceptable.
  1. Read the guidelines above on what food the Fridge accepts
  2. Bring food along to the Fridge during opening hours
  3. Log your donations in the notebook available at the counter
We manually check the food, monitor the temperature and clean the Fridge every morning and every evening.
  • Donate money. You can contribute funds for the maintenance of the fridge or for us to buy foods on your behalf on a monthly or annual basis.
  • You may sponsor a fridge in your community or elsewhere.
  • You could donate your precious time towards this noble act.
  • You could pitch in by choosing to be a Project Coordinator.
  • You could also give away whatever items you no longer need in your household like old clothes, shoes, vessels, toys, pieces of furniture or any other usable items as well.
    For further enquiries do mail us at thepublicfoundation@gmail.com

Bank Details:
Account name: The Public Foundation
Account Number: 38014943143
IFSC: SBIN0003274
Bank Name: State Bank of India
Address: E33, 2nd Avenue, Besant Nagar, Chennai – 600090.

At the time of your donation, please do mail us. We need friends like you, let us know your name, where you work, how you could help us further and are you willing to volunteer.
Whenever you can! Even if you are a one off donor or a regular one, you may donate whatever suits your budget. We would love to have you as our Ayyamittu Unn Soldier!


We are the trustee of the Public Foundation who hate food shortage and food wastage.
Because we have a conscience and we realize there is an abundance of food in our society. So, why waste when it can be put to good use. In fact, it is very hard to reach the food out to people who need it. Our community fridges provide a secure and open place where we can address two global concerns, food wastage and hunger, at the same time.
We manage the fridge by keeping it clean and checking the food in the fridge for its expiry dates and making it safe to eat. Though the fridge is open for all to contribute and to take, we also have a magic eye on it to ensure the food is safe and hygienic.
Making this project like Ayyamittu Unn operational demands a lot of time and effort. So far we have only a small army of volunteers, but intend to capture the world. Come forward and help us by volunteering.
The volunteer has to build strong inter-personal relationships with the local food suppliers and should be able to reach out large groups of people who are in need of food and could benefit from it. They also have to come up with out of box ideas to make Ayyamittu Unn, a sustainable project for the years to come.