Food & Clothes
If you can share
Drop of in our fridge or counter
People in need
Will be happy to take it

*Please go through our do’s and don’ts before you deposit your items.

You can also be a part of this food revolution too by starting your own food bank in your community.

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Food Accepted

Sealed water bottles, juices

Fresh fruits and vegetables

Packaged food within use – by date

Home cooked food only if it is neatly packed*


Baked goods*

Dry Snacks

Tin & Canned food

Cooked food from registered food businesses*

*These food can only be accepted if it is neatly packed, safe and healthy to eat and is less than two days old and should be labelled with date and time before which it should be consumed. Lables are provided at the fridge

Food NOT Accepted

Food past its *use by * date

Rotten fruits, vegetables

Any food previously frozen

Opened milk or other packaged food

Half eaten food


Any cooked food not from a registered food business

While sharing your resources

You should

⦁ Pack them neatly in disposable food packets

⦁ Mark the correct use-by date on the food packets. Labels are available at ‘Ayyamittu Unn’ Fridge premises, for the same.

⦁ Fill in your details in the donation log book available with the security guard.

You shouldn’t

⦁ Dump food items in the fridge in large scale.

⦁ Leave unworthy items like broken toys, torn clothes, etc.

⦁ Pack the food items in newspapers, old pet bottles, steel containers, plastic carry bags, etc.

You can learn more on how we operate and the processes that we have put in place.
Contact Us : +91 9884466228 for further details.