Opportunities for School Students

  • Spread the Word:  Educate and spread awareness about hunger and food waste among school mates, teachers and parents.
  • Participate in Events and Campaigns:  Represent your school by becoming a part of our Events Coordinator.
  • Organize Awareness Drives:  Conduct an awareness drive in your school highlighting the importance of food wastage. You can make creative posters on food wastage.
  • Organise Flea Market:  Students are encouraged to cook simple food like salads,sandwiches and conduct a flea market and use the amount to feed the needy.
  • Conduct Food Donation Drives:  Organize a food donation drive involving yourschool mates and teachers and donate food to our fridge.​
  • Conduct a Seminar/Invite a Speaker:  You can conduct a seminar in yourschool, drawing the attention of the people towards this cause.
  • Start your own FOOD WASTE AUDIT Program: Initiate FOOD WASTE AUDIT in your classroom – Lead your class students andensure all your friends in your classroom finish their meals without anywastage.

The Public Foundation Team helps you set up the school chapter and works withyou throughout. If you want to find out more, please email us at thepublicfoundation@gmail.com